Collection: Buy a Fly

From Sept 29th to Oct 31st, purchase a fly/flies and receive free chances to win awesome prizes.

Purchase Options

Select the item you would like to try to win and then purchase the flies associated with that prize. Prices are as follows:

1 fly for $5.00 and receive 1 free chance to win

5 flies for $25.00 and receive 5 free chances to win

10 flies for $50.00 and receive 10 free chances to win

15 flies for $75.00 and receive 15 free chances to win

20 flies for $100.00 and receive 20 free chances to win

If you would like to donate the flies back to TMP please message us and let us know!

After Your Purchase

You will receive your fly/flies in the mail along with a ticket stub/stubs

The other half of the ticket stub/stubs will be placed into a box that corresponds with the prize you would like to win

Winners will be drawn Oct 31st on Facebook Live at 8pm Central Standard Time

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